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So...what's the deal with the bird bread thing...

The short version: procuring authentic perception of the viewer.


The longer version: as a child, I enjoyed feeding the birds.

When visiting my Nana, I often looked forward to a burnt piece of toast or forgotten last slice of bread that had become stale, because it meant the enjoyable activity of feeding the birds. When you feed birds, they come back, because they have become conditioned that there will be food.  

Now, as an adult, this has become a metaphor for information and interaction

with others. Whatever you put out into the world, from the way you act,

to what you say, you are conditioning others what to expect from you;

you give them a reason to return or to withdrawal. 

Therefore my goal is simply to be authentic.

To know myself, and be myself, to attract those who share my interests and passions.

So...the bird inside the bread is a form of this nostalgic activity, 

as well as the concept of being authentic.; true to yourself and others. 

And in other news..

I'm an artist by nature, drawing and painting since childhood.

To describe myself as being passionate about art, doesn't even scratch the surface.  

I live it, breathe it, dream it. Everything is a project or a new challenge,

from painting to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,

the next one has to be better than the one before it.


I attribute my sense of humor to old school Bugs Bunny cartoons and my Dad.  

I love all things vintage; colors, patterns and materials.  

I drink PBR, hug trees, eat organic and cook gourmet meals for my dog.  

Think I'm weird yet? Yeah me too.  


Ok, enough about me, let's get to the cool stuff.


a little bit about me.
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